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Hair Lounge,

we believe

that we


have to

choose between

our passion

 for beautiful

hair and our

deep appreciation

of we

offer both beauty

and wellness,



What Makes us Different?

At Artistry Hair Lounge, we are committed to your entire salon experience. Quite simply, our focus is YOU. From the moment you walk in our doors, our warm and inviting atmosphere will welcome and relax you. Our carefully selected premium hair products will leave your hair looking AND feeling beautiful! And our talented hair artists, who are dedicated to providing the utmost in service and are always in pursuit of new hair trends and techniques, will assure that you leave feeling pampered and beautiful every time.

Oh yeah, and we are eco-friendly!  

We offer organic hair products and services that are free from ammonia and irritating chemicals. 100% vegan and environmentally conscious, none of our products are tested on animals! We strive to provide only the greenest and cleanest hair products that are both effective and nourishing to the hair and scalp.

Our Products

Featuring OWAY hair care products! Organic and biodynamic raw materials are combined with carefully selected natural ingredients, like pure oils, waxes, butters and emollient plants, and the purest and most sustainable active and functional ingredients. Aggressive and potentially harmful synthetic products are replaced by natural and more delicate alternatives.

Doing Our Part

At Artistry Hair Lounge, we understand the importance of caring for ourselves and the environment. We want to do our part too! Our hair lounge was built using as many sustainable and non-toxic items as possible, including ZERO VOC wall paint, floating floors, which cut back on waste in landfills, and energy efficient lighting. Our infrared hair lamps are not only energy efficient, using almost half the normal processing time, they are also a great source of light therapy for the scalp and skin. We never use harsh cleaning products or perfumed air fresheners; instead, we use air purifying plants and essential oils that are safe, natural and just as effective. Our glass product bottles are easy to recycle and reuse.

tel: 862-330-3100

610a Newark Pompton Turnpike

              Pompton Plains,  NJ 07444

Monday -  Closed

Tuesday - 11am - 4pm

Wednesday- 11am - 6pm

Thursday- 11am - 4pm

Friday - 11am - 3pm

Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm


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